Art in our building

Installation in the tower

Christa Henn, 2002

Materials: X-Rays, Glass, Steel

Across a solid, clear plate of glass you enter into a space opening both upwards toward the sky and downwards into a well’s blue depth.

In this context, x-rays, which make nature’s inner construction transparent, form a plane like light-filled ground water.

From there rises a steeltube winding up the tower’s inside wall, a spiral referring to the enduring principle of life.

Some more works of Christa Henn in our building:



Gudrun Geyssel, 2007

Material: Concrete benches, buttock molds

“Truly oneself one may only be alone.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

In front of the company entrance three concrete benches, in which partially buttock molds have been cast into, invite to linger.

The visitor must decide to take a seat on an “occupied” place or choose one of the places not taken, discovering not being able to make an impression anymore.

The so visible made fleetingness of momentarily taking a seat, in strong contrast to the relative imperishableness of the concrete material, refers to the processes of our everyday life, permanently demanding our attention, in which it is inevitable missing “something” even if one makes all efforts to meet the demands.

For the moment of detention the visitor has the possibility of gaining insight of the situation and can experience calm and reflexion.

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