Special machines

There are so many occasions requiring a special solution – and we’re here to help: The breadth of our expertise is equally wide as the requirements of our customers. From film box fitting and the testing machine for uranium fuel rods up to watertight chambers for biotechnological research – in the course of more than five decades in business we have found a failsafe solution for practically all problems facing our customers.

Wooden beam irradiation

The TYPE 605 irradiation system is used for automatic night-time UV-C irradiation of an approx. 14 meter long beam to keep it free of germs and moss. The actual irradiation module travels along the beam at night on a stainless steel rail system, which is placed under water for optical reasons, in order to treat the entire surface.

Installation of the finished system is planned for early 2024.

Thread Module

A new function was to be added to several existing customer machines. The thread module was developed taking into account the existing situation and geometry. The existing machine prints and splits a wider roll of tape. Before the individual tapes are wound up again, our thread module applies up to 4 threads to up to 3 tapes at the same time for reinforcement.

Machine for longitudinal cutting, shaping and cooling of an extruded tube

The machine cuts a freshly extruded, still-hot hose lengthwise and deforms it in several steps so that a sealing mechanism is created to the right and left of the cut. Then the tube is cooled over a very short distance.

Machine for storing backing strips in cartons Type 442

Using this machine, an efficient stacking of non-stop mass-produced product holders, e.g. vertical belts of drink straws, can be achieved for packaged cartons on an automatic basis.

Waterproof cubicle Type 378 for bio-research

The cubicles are deployed in the laboratory, to apply spray all around trial crops with research fluids, without contaminating the laboratory environment in the process.
When configured with the required equipment, the cubicles can also e.g. facilitate long-term video observation of objects under isolation conditions.

Type 329 machine for the automatic production of sheet metal rings with closure clamps

This machine allows aluminium sheeting from the coil to be cut into tape slides. Using special bending tools, the sheet strips are formed into a polygon and claws are attached.
If the claws are chopped for any reason, a virtually circular sheet ring is formed for further processing.

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