We leverage innovative solutions in the handling technology field to configure your work processes as efficiently as possible.

Wooden beam irradiation

The TYPE 605 irradiation system is used for automatic night-time UV-C irradiation of an approx. 14 meter long beam to keep it free of germs and moss. The actual irradiation module travels along the beam at night on a stainless steel rail system, which is placed under water for optical reasons, in order to treat the entire surface.

Installation of the finished system is planned for early 2024.

Thread Module

A new function was to be added to several existing customer machines. The thread module was developed taking into account the existing situation and geometry. The existing machine prints and splits a wider roll of tape. Before the individual tapes are wound up again, our thread module applies up to 4 threads to up to 3 tapes at the same time for reinforcement.

Rotary indexing table

Example: Cartridge labelling and sealing machine type 395
In the rotary indexing tables, processing stations developed specially according to your individual request can be arranged around an indexing table. The feeding can be done by means of a bulk material conveyor, conveyor belt, robots, linearization of palletised products or other customised solutions.

Mobile manipulator Type 355

A transportable device with motorised XYZ-movements. The manipulator is used when you need to reach objects in inaccessible locations (deep and narrow). These could include e.g. measurement sensors, ultrasound probes and strain gauges or even labels, nozzles, screwdrivers or striking mechanisms.

Handling manipulator Type 246 with 4 stations

This manipulator allows medium-heavy workpieces to be transported in a run-through process to 4 work stations and set down in the correct position. The manipulator is also open to modular expansion with additional stations. At the stations, available operations include e.g. automatic material loading, measurement, surface treatment or crack testing, sorting pass/reject, etc.

Overpressure tank Type 282 with sight glass for underwater photography

Used in: nuclear reactor tanks

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