Product Development

We accompany you from the first idea to series production

From standing workstations to cardboard stools, we also support our customers in product development all the way from the idea to mass production.

  1. We define your exact requirements together with you based on your product idea.
  2. We divide the requirements into different subfunctions. We develop new ideas for these functions, from which we develop and evaluate various solutions in principle.
  3. In consultation with you, we decide which methods of  resolution should be developed further or implemented.
  4. From the selection we generate an overall concept which we agree upon with you before we create the corresponding production documents.
  5. On request, the products can be implemented and delivered to you by our sister company Geyssel Sondermaschinen GmbH or our partner companies, under the supervision of the design department.

From production documents to individual drawings, models and finished products, you determine the desired package and we take care of the implementation.

Benefit from our knowledge and flexibility!
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