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Our applicators can apply all kinds of objects to your products. Your customers buy the drinking straw, spoon, spork, fork or individual ingredients in the bag directly with the product and can start eating or drinking immediately.

Our drinking straw applicator attaches drinking straws of various sizes and shapes to all kinds of beverage packaging. On top or on the side, firmly attached. Of course, this also applies to drinking straws in eco-quality.

The caramel sugar for dessert, the sauce for snacks, the toys for children and much more. All this can be applied directly to the packaging and increase the attractiveness of the product for the end customer.

Our bag applicator applies drinking straws and other objects of all sizes and shapes to bags. Packaging in bags is mostly done for fruit juices and soft drinks.

A spoon applicator can apply spoons of different sizes to packaging. Depending on the shape of the packaging, application takes place on top, on the side or between two compartments – where it fits best.

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Do you prefer to rent the machines for the time being? This is also possible. We also offer contract application if you only need small quantities to begin with.

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