Functional description

Functional description

Depending on type, our Applicators can apply objects like drinking straws, spoons, sachets etc., vertically, diagonally, horizontally on your choice of side or – top / bottom – on packages, cups, bottles etc., for multi-chamber cups also between the chambers.

Products transported continually through the machine on a straight line conveyor system are detected via contactless means by sensors and have adhesive points applied, for the objects to be applied to be pushed onto via applicator gears. The objects are generally strapped (foil tape), fed to a transport wheel; individually separated using a cutter and prepared for the application process. Alternatively, self-adhesive or individually fed objects can be applied.

The machines include a transport body and can be integrated into existing conveyor systems, or have a dedicated conveyor system installed. The applicator output depends on the product and can reach up to 44,000 applications/hour if one gear is incorporated. Even higher outputs are possible if you install multiple application gears.

The products must be separated with gaps between them when traversing the application point of the Applicator. Installing a “Separation” module allows them to be isolated from each other while within the machine and – as required – turned. In throughput operation, the application procedure can be disabled.

The vertical position of the adhesion points is adjustable via spindles. In a horizontal direction, meanwhile, their length and position are electronically regulated via the control panel. Spindle adjustment in the respective axial direction enables sloping installation as well as optimal adjustment of objects to packages, cups, etc. The timing of the application and hence the horizontal positioning can also be configured via the control panel.

The machines are constructed in accordance with a modular system, which optimises the number of applications they can handle. The modular method also paves the way to replace individual modules economically and without any hassle.

The substructure includes:

  • Machine frame made of stainless steel
  • Protective housing made of acrylic glass
  • Sealed applicator gears
  • Transport body
  • Control cabinet / pneumatic system
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • Industry PC (Windows)

Individual machine types emerge upon final completion of the substructure with a range of auxiliary devices, including:

  • Additional applicator gears
  • Gear unit settings
  • Separations for packages, cups, bottles
  • Turning stations for packages
  • Hot melt units / hot melt application heads
  • Conveyor systems for various products, including with upper guide
  • Processing of strapped objects from the carton (mega box)
  • Adhesive station to connect the outgoing object belt with a new
  • Object detection / product ejection (check of application faults)
  • Additional devices for processing lower quality object belts
  • Various format part sets, depending on the object

Additional modules are being developed on an ongoing basis – including at your request.

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