About us

A family company of convictions

The J. W. Geyssel development and constructionn office is where the basis for our company emerged in 1966. To remain true to the full-service concept while also allowing construction work operations to be expedited, 1978 saw a new emerging company in the form of Geyssel Sondermaschinen GmbH, which handled machine assembly in an in-house facility in Cologne.

The Geyssel company is a second-generation family business, and it shows: For example, the solidarity we have nurtured was key to our ability to withstand the 2009 economic crisis – without any government assistance, no short-time work and above all, no redundancies.

This loyalty is based on reciprocity – the majority of our workforce have joined our company straight after school, while there are also others who have been part of the team for more than 35 years. Exceptional continuity – and amply reflected in our expertise, quality and experience. One of the reasons why our customers come back to us time and time again.

Practical proximity

At the core of our company philosophy is a close-knit integration of innovation, theory and practice. Development, construction and assembly are all handled under one roof and the interchange among our sections is fluid. Our fitters boast a wealth of experience as well as having accumulated valuable feedback from our customers on global service missions, which we use to enhance our own knowledge base.
Our success as a go-to partner for a whole string of top global companies is testament to our intelligent blending of scientific precision, creative conceptions and practical-mechanical expertise.

Cutting-edge quality made in Germany

“Think globally, act locally” – a slogan many companies associate with profit alone – but one which underpins our corporate sense of self. We have reached out from our Cologne base over four decades to establish a tried and tested network of unrivalled reliability, comprising both regional and national suppliers and partners – to help us keep supplying products that exceed customer expectations all around the world. The success of our quest reflects the exceptionally high customer satisfaction and the healthy relations we enjoy with our regular clients – both of which are elements we nurture.

Our goal: To devise the perfect solution for you

The motivation behind our efforts is to create a perfect solution, both in line with your wishes and meeting the specific usage requirement flawlessly in every way. With this in mind, our experienced team will provide you with professional support, all the way from planning to commissioning. Our testimonials speak for themselves. But convincing you in person would also be our pleasure – why not get in touch!

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