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What is contract production? Why does contract production make sense for applications?

Would you like to attach consumption aids to packaging? Are you planning a promotion or special campaign and would like to attach small gadgets or toys to products for this purpose?

We can take over the application of such items to cups, bottles, tins, boxes, lids and much more as part of our contract production.

We use our tried-and-tested production applicators for this purpose. They attach items quickly, reliably and cost-effectively in consistently good quality, thus saving you manual labour and the deployment of additional staff.

Contract application is particularly worthwhile if you only need such applications sporadically, in small volumes or only for certain occasions. Perhaps you are also thinking about changing up your production and would like to see whether it would be worthwhile to have your own applicator?

For all such occasions, we are happy to offer you our contract application. You can of course also hire our proven production applicators and make use of them right on your company premises.

Possible areas of application for our contract application

Is your company a contract filler for certain beverage or foodstuff manufacturers? Would your customer like to attach drinking straws or toys to their products for a special promotion, or for a limited volume & time, in order to acquire new customers?

Then it makes sense for you as a company to offer the entire service – from contract filling to contract application of items.

If you do not have the required application machines yourself, we will be happy to take over this production step for you. Our modern production applicators allow us to offer reliable, quick and cost-effective contract production. We can handle both large and small volumes. If you are thinking about attaching the items in-house, you can also hire the relevant machines from us instead of purchasing them.

We can attach drinking straws of many different sizes and shapes to packages, tins, sachets, cups or drinking bottles – ranging from straight straws to U straws and telescopic straws. This of course also applies to ecological drinking straws of all kinds. You can find a selection of the options for different types of packaging here

Spoons on yoghurt packaging, soups, ice-cream cups or desserts are convenient because they allow the end consumers to quickly consume the product on the go. The application of spoons is possible for a wide range of packaging shapes. We can attach a selection of different spoon types and sizes – and also at an environmentally friendly level of quality, of course.

A fork attached to a food product enables immediate consumption of the product. Depending on the food’s consistency, a ‘spork’ (a combination of spoon and fork) may also be suitable. We can attach all of these items to your packaging as part of our contract production.

Gadgets, sachets or small toys can either enhance the enjoyment of food (e.g. brown sugar or spices in a small sachet) or make the product more attractive for children (the addition of toys). There are plenty of options. Get in touch with us – we can take over application of your items as part of our contract production.

Your advantages with contract production at Geyssel Sondermaschinen

Save time

We can meet your requirements in the shortest possible time frame.

Save labour

We take over the labour-intensive steps for you as part of our contract production.



We meet your individual requirements and structure production according to your needs.


We leverage the know-how we have gained over decades of application work


Small volumes

We attach your required items to different batch sizes – also for small volumes, of course



We have excellent contacts to suppliers of different items (drinking straws, spoons, sporks, etc.) – this also applies to environmentally friendly items.


How does contract production work at Geyssel Sondermaschinen?

Call us or send us an e-mail and explain your requirements.

You’ll receive an customised offer from us – tailored to suit your needs. 


We’ll attach your required item in the batch size you need.


You’ll receive your required items – already attached – to use for your promotional campaign.

Get in touch with us today!

We are applicator specialists and offer you the right application of items on packaging to suit your needs as part of our contract production. We provide you with comprehensive advice on the options available for your specific occasion, carry out the contract application quickly & cost-effectively – in consistently good quality – and can even take on small volumes. Put our know-how and our machines to use for your production.

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