The spoon applicator from Geyssel

For quick and efficient application of spoons to packaging.

This is why you should choose a spoon applicator from Geyssel

At Geyssel, we are specialists in applicators. These can apply spoons of all sizes and materials safely and cleanly to all kinds of packaging. This is practical for the end consumer – they can start enjoying the product immediately after purchase. And for you as a producer, it offers higher sales opportunities.

Spoon application possible on many different packages

Our spoon applicator can apply spoons to all kinds of packaging – from yoghurt pots to salad bowls. Depending on the shape of the packaging, the application can take place on top, on the side or, in the case of several compartments, also between the compartments. Of course, the application of sporks (a mixture of spoon and fork) is also possible.

Advantages of our series applicators

Since our applicators are series machines designed as a modular system, acquisition and set-up of the machines is very quick and easy. In addition, the individual machines can be put together according to your needs.

Our bucket applicators work in high cycle rates and always with consistent quality. The spoons are securely fastened and will not get lost during transport. Of course, ecological objects can also be applied. We will be happy to put you in touch with the relevant manufacturers.


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On the one hand, you want to increase your sales by offering your products as ‘takeaway food’, but on the other hand, you want to avoid manually attaching spoons to the packaging?

Then you should give us a call. We offer applicators that do this work for you. Contract application (link on page ‘Contract application’) or the rental of machines is also possible.

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