The Geyssel pouch applicator

For attaching drinking straws or other objects to pouch packaging

Why you should choose a Geyssel pouch applicator

Our applicators can also attach drinking straws or other objects to pouch packaging. In this way, a consumption aid can be attached directly to the product for the end customer. It is also possible to apply small giveaways or other objects to pouches as part of a special promotion or as a marketing measure.

Pouch application is possible on different sizes of bags

Our applicators can attach drinking straws or other objects to all sizes of pouch packaging quickly, safely and in good quality. Depending on the size of the packaging and according to your wishes, the applicators can be applied in different ways on top or more to the side; with some types of packaging it is also possible to apply them to the bottom of the packaging.

Advantages of our series applicators

The application of drinking straws or objects on pouches poses high demands, as the application must be done carefully but firmly at the same time. The pouches must be well aligned by machine and then glued. The objects must be attached carefully without damaging the pouch. Our machines are well suited for this type of application and take over the attachment of drinking straws or other objects quickly and safely.

Our applicators take over all the work steps that are necessary for the application of objects on pouches. This is done in a high number of cycles and always with consistent quality. Since our machines are designed as a modular system, all possible objects and all necessary work steps up to finishing can be handled by the individually configurable machines as required.

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Pouch packaging is very often used for fruit juices and soft drinks. They take up very little space and are mostly used on the move. Therefore, it makes sense to attach drinking straws to the packaging. However, the consistency of the packaging makes it quite difficult to attach the objects securely; manual production would be very time-consuming here.

For this reason, use our applicators and avoid high personnel costs and rejects. We will be happy to advise you in detail.

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