The gadget applicator from Geyssel

For efficient application of spices, sauces and toys or small items on products

This is why you should choose a gadget applicator from Geyssel

With the help of our applicators, you can attach small bags of sauces, spices, sugar or even small toys to packaging. This is useful if these ingredients are to be used just before or at the time of consumption, or if it is a special promotion. Our series applicators attach the gadgets securely and firmly to the packaging.

Gadget application is possible on a variety of packaging forms

Our applicators attach small bags with solid, liquid or crystalline contents or small toys or other small parts to packaging. Depending on the shape of the package (link on page ‘Your object?’), application is done on top or on the side of the packaging. Examples of such ingredients are caramel sugar for desserts, sweet and sour sauce for Asian snacks or small collectible figures or toys for children.

Advantages of our series applicators

Our applicators are series machines that function as a modular system. Depending on the desired scope of the work steps, the packaging is separated, aligned or turned if necessary, glued, the object is applied and then it is transported onwards.

The applicators take over all the necessary work steps quickly, in a high number of cycles and always with consistent quality. Manual work steps can be avoided, thus saving on costs. The end consumer receives a product with a small additional service.

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Crème brûlée must be made with brown sugar, but this should only be added just before consumption? The Asian snack is actually only really good with a separate sweet and sour sauce? The yoghurts or snacks for children sell better with little play figures? Small giveaways need to be attached to products as part of a special promotion?

In all these cases, you should think about having these ingredients attached to the packaging by machine in the form of small gadgets. Our applicators can take over this step. Call us for more detailed information.

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