The fork applicator from Geyssel

For quick and efficient application of forks and sporks to packaging.

Why you should choose a fork applicator from Geyssel

With our applicators, forks of all shapes and materials can be applied to objects. You may also decide to apply sporks. This is a mixture of a spoon and a fork and, depending on the consistency of the product, it makes it even easier for the end consumer to eat the product.

Fork application is possible on many different types of packaging

Our fork applicators can apply forks or sporks to many different packages, from salad bowls to noodles. Depending on the shape of the packaging, application takes place on the top or on the side. Of course, this can also be plastic-free.

Advantages of our series applicators

Our series applicators attach forks and sporks safely and quickly to all possible sides of your products. This is done in high, consistent quality and at high cycle rates. The manual attachment of forks or sporks can thus be omitted and the strain on employees is reduced.

Our applicators are series-produced machines that are assembled individually for your needs in a modular system. This means that exactly the quantity you need can be produced and, if demand and sales increase, production can be expanded. Because the added value for the end customers increases your turnover.

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