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Automation technology

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As a company in the production or packaging sector, you are surely familiar with the feeling of constant competitive pressure. Costs and processes must be continually optimised in order to survive in the global market. High labour costs are an important issue, especially in Germany. With the help of automation technology, it is possible to make processes more efficient, faster and at the same time more cost-effective.

With more than 50 years of experience in design and special-purpose machine construction, we at Geyssel will be happy to provide reliable, expert support for your company on your path to automation.

What makes our automation solutions unique

Custom solutions

We offer you customised solutions for individual requirements. Together, we develop the right automation solutions for your company. This lets us create more efficient and cost-effective processes in your company.

Expertise and experience

We guarantee automation technology of the highest quality with more than 50 years of experience in design and special-purpose machine construction, partnerships with universities, a team of experts and the use of state-of-the-art software. Made in Germany.


For us, experience and innovation go hand in hand. We are always at the cutting edge of technology, place great importance on continuous training for our employees and constantly incorporate our experience into our approach.

Quality and reliability

Geyssel offers special-purpose machinery solutions of the highest quality – Made in Germany. We stand for reliability, not only in design and production, but also in commissioning, maintenance and service.

Flexibility and adaptability

Our machines are designed and built on an individual basis. Right from the start, we make sure to plan in the greatest possible flexibility for later adaptations. This means that our machines can be quickly adapted to new requirements in the future.

Modularity and scalability

The benefits of the automation technology we provide are measurable and verifiable. We generally follow a principle of modularity in order to be able to flexibly adapt the machines to new requirements in the future.

Automation technology

What is automation technology?

Automation technology refers to the machines and equipment that are used to achieve the greatest possible degree of automation. The aim is for dangerous and high-risk activities to be largely taken over by machines. This minimises the risk of injury and the strain on employees. As a result, people will be largely relieved of manual tasks and for the most part will only be responsible for monitoring the machines.

What significance does automation have for industrial companies?

Automation is currently used in industrial companies primarily for simple, repetitive, dangerous and high-risk activities. These are performed in whole or in part by machines. On the one hand, this avoids injuries and high levels of stress for employees and, on the other, makes processes faster and more efficient. Especially in a high-wage country like Germany, it is immensely important to adopt cost-effective production practices and deploy staff in a targeted manner in order to remain internationally competitive.

Benefits of automation

Automation technology can help companies to speed up processes and make them more efficient, especially in the areas of production and packaging. This can increase output as well as profitability and efficiency. The investments associated with automation therefore quickly prove to be profitable.

Possible areas of application for automation


Industrial robots are often used to perform repetitive and heavy work. For example, robotic arms can be used to move heavy parts or stack heavy boxes during packaging. The movements of the robots are very fast and the number of cycles can be significantly increased. There are also so-called “collaborative robots” that work together with humans without safety fences and support their activities. This also increases both the number of cycles and the efficiency of the process.

Pick & Place

Automation technology is also used for pick and place applications. A pick and place machine or delta robot with an integrated camera system identifies the desired part or product and automatically places it in the correct position for further processing. For instance, this might be used for wooden spoons, which are delivered to the factory loose in a box, picked up individually and placed on yoghurt pots. This increases the number of cycles and efficiency and can also enable correct further processing to boost quality.

Conveyer systems

Conveyor systems can be used to transport products and materials safely and quickly over longer distances. Manual transport routes with all their risks and labour costs are thus eliminated. The entire production and packaging process can be significantly accelerated.

Automation of multiple work steps

Even if only parts of the production or packaging process are to be automated, this still brings great advantages for the cost and efficiency structure of a company. For example, several steps in the packaging process, such as joining, gluing or cutting, can be automated. Dangerous, high-risk and labour-intensive work steps can be automated and accelerated, resulting in greater safety and lower personnel costs.

Fully automated production lines

Of course, automation technology can also be used to set up complete production lines where the entire production and packaging process runs fully automatically. Manual human labour is no longer required, processes are carried out faster and more efficiently and even quality can be controlled inline. Employees are only required to monitor the machines, although automated solutions are already available for this too.

Results monitoring and quality control

Automation technology is now so advanced that both faulty processes and faulty products can be recognised immediately. The machines report errors immediately and employees can intervene quickly. This avoids rejects, ensures faster and more efficient processes and supports or takes over quality control to a large extent.

System monitoring

The increasing automation of production machine monitoring is becoming more and more important. With the help of condition monitoring, systems are monitored automatically. Maintenance intervals and errors in the process are reported automatically. Production downtimes can thus be largely avoided, which saves costs and makes the process far more efficient and reliable.

We support you with efficient solutions, so that you can successfully master the challenges of automation in your company.

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With more than 50 years of experience in design and special-purpose machine construction, we would be happy to be your trusted partner for automation technology. Together with you, we develop solutions for automation and greater efficiency in your company.

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