Our Machines

Standard Applicators

Series 500

The current generation of our Applicators, which have been tried and tested since 1979. Product-dependent maximum performance of up to 44,000/h. By choosing the format set, it is possible to change over to a wide variety of objects – even after delivery. Possible objects include various shapes of drinking straws (straight, U-straw, telescoping), spoons, forks or sporks. By replacing only a few modules, the machine can be offered both for square packs as well as round products (bottles, cans, cups, etc.).

Series 400

The cost-effective variant of our production model Applicator. Output up to 22,000/h. Products and objects as with the 500 series. In addition, top application, also on bags or any other transportable products

Rotary Applicator

Our Rotary Applicator is based on the basic modules of the 500 series. Its additional function is the alignment of products by print mark, barcode, etc. before application. This will give you your product design and place your object in exactly the right location. There may be additional modules involved, such as an inkjet printer.


We also offer the application gear unit (the central functional unit, conveying, cutting, applying) of the production Applicators without the rest of the machine. So you can use these in your machine and save space. The unit can – with or without hotmelt – apply objects to or on the product individually determined by you.

Gadget or Sachet Dispenser

The Gadget Applicator has been specially developed to – unlike the applicators above – lengthwise sealed, flat objects (belted bags) with e.g. B. powders (spices, etc.), liquids (sauces, etc.), toys or other things. This works with or without a print mark.


We offer the Gadget Dispenser module – the central functional unit of the gadget applicator for conveying, cutting and applying longitudinally sealed, flat objects (belted bags) with e.g. B. powders (spices, etc.), liquids (sauces, etc.), toys or other things, even without the rest of the machine. So you can integrate them into your machine and save space. The unit can apply objects to or onto the product you are singulating, with or without hot melt.

2-Chamber Cup

For application (of, for example, folding spoons) between the chambers of a two-chamber cup, this Applicator has a special application mechanism, which barely requires the chambers to be bent apart. In this way, your product is exposed to less stress.

Type 539

Do you want to perform application to the narrow ear side of a pack? At very high power levels the long bottom edge must be in the conveying direction to stabilize the packs on the conveyor belt, Therefor we have developed a cell belt for this Applicator, which grips each pack individually and turns the pack by 90° before and after the application.

Pick and Place

Machine for unbelted objects

For application of unbelted objects we offer pick and place systems (either as stand alone machines or as systems for integration into your machine)

Machine for handling out of the tray

To process your products straight out of the tray we offer another pick and place solution. The products are picked out of the tray, an object is applicated and the product is returned to the tray.

System for integration into Filler

With this system objects like spoons, forks, sachets, etc. can be applied to the sealing film or snap-on lid directly in your filling machine.

Customer-specific, from our modules system

Various Gears or Conveyor Belts

At the customer’s specific request, we build our standard modules into a frame custom-designed for you. Thus, higher performance can be achieved with various intermittent application gear units, or multiple conveyor belts can be arranged side by side. (Example: top application on 8×6 cups in a tray or container)

Unusual application angles or product shapes

You do not want to perform your application below the usual 90° to the conveyor belt. In many cases we have found special solutions for our customers here, in part through our standard gear unit setting, which allows very flexible angles (x, y, z) towards the product, and in part through special solutions, such as an oblique conveyor belt. (For example: Tetrahedral packs or application under 45° to groups of products, so that during further packaging, for example in trays, the straw does not protrude beyond the outer contours.)

New Developements

If you have not found your type of application here, please ask us anyway. As a manufacturer of special machines, who also develops customised concepts for machines in other areas, together we will find a solution for your product as well.
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